Adam Doleac: A Multi-Sport Athlete and a Multi-Talented Artist

Adam Doleac is an athletic rarity.  In high school, he was offered a golf scholarship, early in his senior year, but after his friends convinced him to play baseball, he ended up receiving a baseball scholarship to Southern Mississippi.  But Adam’s talents were not limited to the athletic field.  He has played drums most of his life, but in the last several years he has started playing the guitar and singing.  Adam’s ability to learn different artistic skills have propelled him into country music spotlight.  Adam has been named Rolling Stone: Country Artists You Need to Know and he just finished Sirius XM’s “Highway Finds Tour” where he performed alongside High Valley and Ashley McBryde.

Adam sat down with us, recently, to discuss his upcoming spring and summer tours with Florida Georgia Line and Chris Young, as well as his recent single release, “Mom and Daddy’s Money” which is climbing up the charts daily.

CVC:  Adam, welcome to the beautiful Coachella Valley, can you tell us and our readers a little about yourself?

AD:  Thanks for having me and yeah, I grew up in South Mississippi and went to high school at a school called Presbyterian Christian High School. I played golf during high school and was offered a scholarship my junior year, to play golf in college.  But my Senior year, my friends convinced me to go out for baseball and I had a great year and was offered a scholarship to play baseball at Southern Mississippi, where I got the opportunity to play in the College Baseball World Series and eventually led to me playing music.

CVC:  Were you involved in music during high school or was that something you picked up in college?

AD:  I’ve been a drummer my whole life. I didn’t play guitar or sing until about seven years ago.  It was similar to the baseball situation, I just picked it up.  I tell people that my life has been kinda random that way, but it’s worked out for me.  So now singing and playing guitar are my day job now and I enjoy it.

CVC:  How was your performance at Stagecoach?

AD:  It’s one of those things that you hear about your whole life.  We travel across the country to play for an hour, but it is so worth it.  The fans came out, sang with us, cheered for us, it’s a great experience.  I can’t wait to do it again next year!

CVC:  You were named Rolling Stone: Country Artists You Need to Know, what did you think when you heard that?

AD:  I read and keep up with Rolling Stone.  I like to know who’s coming up, so I read it every month.  And that month, I actually didn’t know I was coming out, so I picked it up to read my name and I was like “Holy Crap” I called everybody I knew and asked them, “Have you seen this?  Did you see this?”  I was truly shocked and very excited.

CVC:  You just finished the Sirius XM’s Highway Finds Tour, what was that experience like?

AD:  It was an unbelievable experience.  The fans were incredible!  I got the chance to tour with High Valley and Ashley McBryde and the camaraderie that we all developed was great.  Now this summer, we’re getting ready to do a lot of shows, we’ll be opening up for Chris Young, Florida Georgia Line, Darius Rucker and Kane Brown.  We have a lot of shows planned this summer.

CVC: What have you learned from touring and being around these artists?

AD:  You learn the tricks of the trade.  What to eat and drink.  Different techniques and ideas during their shows and you say, huh, I think I’ll try that next time and see if that works for me.

CVC:  What’s next for Adam Doleac?

AD:  Lots of touring this summer.  I’ll be releasing “Mom and Daddy’s Money” in a few weeks.  It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.  After that, I’ll go in and record a full album, which should come out later this summer,  So I’ll be putting out lots of new music!

CVC: Thank you Adam, we truly appreciate your time.

AD:  It was my pleasure.


You can listen to Adam Doleac’s new single “Mom and Daddy’s Money” on Spotify, Itunes, YouTube… pretty much anywhere.  It’s a great song that is creating quite a buzz within the country music community.


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