A Quick Convo with The REAL Chase Miller

Will the REAL Chase Miller, please stand up!  A new single, good looks and plethora of adoring fans, it’s no wonder Chase Miller has had to get a few fake profiles, that were pretending to be him, removed from Instagram.  I recently had a chance meeting with the real Chase Miller while he was enjoying Stagecoach weekend in Indio, CA.  After posing for pictures, signing autographs and handing out some sweet koozies, he had a few minutes to talk with me, before heading to watch Kane Brown‘s performance.

Read our conversation below as we talked about his current single, “Redneck Weekend“, his definition of California Country and his future plans.

CVC:  Chase, thank you for your time.  How are you enjoying Stagecoach weekend?

CM:  Really enjoying it.  There are a lot of great artists performing this year and I’ve really enjoyed seeing the up and coming artists and there are some great songwriters performing this weekend.

CVC:  Being a SoCal guy, what does California Country mean to you?

CM:  California Country is just like any other form of country.  It’s getting together with your friends, having a great time, listening to good music.  For me, in California specifically, it’s hanging at the beach with friends, being surrounded by the people I love and care about and partying with them.

CVC:  You have a great single that you just released, “Redneck Weekend“, which is the anthem for good time, what do you have in store for us in the future?

CM:  My producer Nick and I are working on some more material that we’ll be putting out within the next year.  We’re looking at either an EP or an album.  I have my full band back together and we’ll be hitting a few states on the west coast and heading to Nashville in June and do some stuff out there.  I’ll keep working and keep growing the fan base as much as possible.


Chase Miller is a talented songwriter and musician.  He continues to make music that people can relate with and truly LOVES what he does.  You can find the real Chase Miller on FB, IG and Twitter under the name @ChaseMillerTime and his songs can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music… everywhere!

For more info and the latest on Chase Miller stop by his site www.ChaseMillerTime.com

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