Maren Morris to perform at Pappy & Harriet’s

Everyone in the Coachella Valley is talking about Coachella Festival and we’re over here like, Maren Morris is performing at Pappy & Harriet’s!!!

The country music superstar has had a very busy 2018.  She just recently married her long time boyfriend, Ryan Hurd and they are currently spending their honeymoon in Tahiti.  She has several songs receiving radio airplay including “The Middle” a song she recorded with EDM superstar, Zedd, and “Rich”, another song from her HERO album which has a funny video that features her husband and a number of her friends.

But the most remarkable thing about Maren’s 2018, is that she is still finding time to perform at Pappy & Harriet’s, a small bar located in the middle of the high desert.  The bar has hosted a number of  celebrities throughout it’s lifetime including most recently, Sir Paul McCartney.

On April 13, Maren Morris will take the stage to a crowd of 300 people.  That is a much smaller crowd than what she’s used to entertaining, which is what makes Pappy & Harriet’s such a great venue to see some of your favorite artists. The proximity to the artist, the crowd size, ticket price ($25) and the ambiance created when 300 strangers sing along to her songs will make this a true magical experience.

Her performance in the high desert, under the stars will undoubtedly be an experience that every person in attendance will never forget.  If you were fortunate enough to get tickets, be sure to take lots of photos and videos, but don’t forget to just ENJOY the show and relish the moment… you may never experience anything like it again.

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