Aaron Watson: The Vaquero Returns to Stagecoach

Aaron Watson is a grinder!  Over 18 years he has produced 13 albums and performed  well over 2000 shows around the world.  He has had several songs climb their way up the country billboard charts (Outta Style, Real Good Time, Run Wild Horses) and his album “The Underdog“, hit #1 on the Country Billboard chart, the only independent album to ever do so.

But what makes Aaron Watson so popular amongst his millions of fans is his humility, his passion for music and his love for God.  He knows the value of hard work and dedication and has never lost sight of the important things in life.  These characteristics have helped Aaron Watson achieve what many people might say is impossible, chart topping hit after hit, while being signed to an independent label.  And Sunday, he will return to Stagecoach!

If you didn’t get a chance to see Aaron Watson when he was at Stagecoach in 2016, you HAVE to make it a point to see him this year.  Aaron will be the Mane Stage’s opening act on Sunday (4pm) and he promises to do what he does every night, bring his very best and leave you wanting more.

If you haven’t heard of Aaron Watson before today, you can listen to him on Spotify, YouTube and pretty much anywhere country music can be heard.  Give him a chance and we believe you will not be disappointed in this very talented Vaquero.

Check out Aaron Watson’s Story Here



Photo Credit: AaronWatson.com

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