LOVE WINS Organization: Finding Triumph After Tragedy

On the morning of October 1, 2017, Dennis Guerrero (DG), an avid photographer, was on assignment for a local radio station covering Route 91 Harvest.  The events of that night would change his life forever.  The tragedy that occurred that night was surpassed only by the bravery, compassion and heroism that followed.  And after that night DG says that he had a restless desire help those effected by tragedy and random acts of violence.

DG’s desire to assist others was not limited to the victims of October 1.  Dennis wanted to create a movement that would positively effect people across the world and that’s where his vision for the LoveWins Organization began.   In his own words, prior to Oct. 1, he was concerned about materialistic things and a bit selfish.  But after the events that transpired that night, DG realized that what really mattered to him, and probably to most people, were not materialistic things, but rather the people he loved and cared about.

This epiphany sparked DG’s desire to create the LoveWins Organization, an organization whose purpose was to spread love, joy, offer support and honor the 58 lives lost on October 1, through “Random Acts of Kindness”.

The LoveWins Organization started as a group of people wanting to help the families of the 58 victims of Route 91.  They offered support, both emotional and financial, to families of the victims, but the organization wanted to do more.  So they reached out, and helped some of the survivors in any way that they could.  But still, LoveWins was determined to assist, support and LOVE anyone that needed their help.  So the LoveWins Organization decided that they would be there to support, encourage and love, all survivors and families, from any random act of violence, a goal they still have to this date.

LoveWins has also decided to fight back against random acts of violence, through Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), a good deed done for strangers, for the sole reason of brightening their day.  On their social media account, LoveWins has posted numerous RAK from paying for someone’s meal, parking or coffee; to mowing a neighbor’s yard or taking out their trash.  Through these selfless acts, LoveWins hopes to inspire people around the world, to give of themselves and demonstrate kindness to one another, because they believe, “A Random Act of Kindness Can Change the World”.

LoveWins Organization knows that there is a long climb ahead of them, but they are ready for the challange.  By attending concerts, festivals and holding different events, they are inspiring Route 91 Survivors, the country music community and people all over the world.  They are demonstrating that Love will overcome hate and that there is a strong support system available, for any victim or survivor, that needs help.  LoveWins has demonstrated that they are an organization that will listen, encourage and give of themselves freely, because in the end… Love Wins.



If you would like more information on the LoveWins Organization visit their site at: 


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