Women In Country: Great Music, That You Aren’t Listening To

Ever since we can remember, country music has been dominated by male artists that produce hit after hit, generating hours of radio airplay.  But in recent years, female artists have begun to carve their way onto country radio on a regular basis, but at a rate that is still miniute compared to that of their male counterparts.

Here in the Coachella Valley, like in most areas across the country, country music airwaves are dominated by male artists.  The only exception to the rule, that we have noticed is 92.1 Kix Hot Country.  A radio station serving the greater Palm Springs area and based out of Palm Desert.  On average, Kix Hot Country, plays a female artist once every four songs.

While Kix, as most country radio stations, play songs by well-known female artists like; Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris, they were also one of the few stations to play (then) lesser known artists like Kacey Musgraves, Baily Bryan, Lindsay Ell, Ashley McBryde, Lauren Alaina and RaeLynn.  When Kacey Musgraves dropped her album, Golden Hour, Kix Hot Country was the only local radio station to have “Butterflies”, “Space Cowboy” and “High Horse” on rotation throughout the day.

Unfortunately, Kix Hot Country is the exception in country radio.  The most common argument that I have heard from country music fans (male and female alike) is that female country artists “don’t create good music”.  I call BULLSHIT!

There are amazing female artists creating moving, jaw dropping music, daily, many of whom you’ve probably never heard of.  Artists like Tenille Townes, Abby Anderson, and Maggie Rose, are just a few of the artists creating music that get little to no radio airplay, but deserve to be on your playlist.

Current female artists are producing music that gets us dancing, sets the mood for romance or helps us through tough times, just like their male counterparts.  The quality, style and diversity of our female country artists is something that needs to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Be sure to check out the women of country music next time you’re on Spotify, iTunes or on YouTube, you’ll be pleasantly surprised… You’re Welcome!


Some of our personal favorites:

Abby Anderson: Make Him Wait

Lauren Alaina: Next Boyfriend (especially when she performs it LIVE)

Jana Kramer: I Got the Boy

Lindsay Ell: Champagne

Ashley McBryde: Bible and a .44

Maren Morris: Sugar

Danielle Bradbery: Sway

Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town: Smokin’ and Drinking


Photo Credit: Billboard, Billboard Roundtable, Aug 2016

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