Aaron Watson: The Vaquero Returns To SoCal

On July 28, the incredibly talented and highly underrated artist, Aaron Watson, is coming back to Southern California to perform at The Brandin Iron in San Bernardino.  The artist that has released 13, (yes, THIRTEEN) albums, and is easily one of the hardest working men in the business, has built a loyal fan base by touring honkytonks and rodeos across the country and producing country music that resonates with millions of his fans.  Aaron Watson‘s grass roots beginning has kept him humble and hungry, even after 20 years in the business.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron a few months back, before his incredible performance at Stagecoach and if that performance is any indication of this weekend’s show, the Brandin Iron crowd is in for a great time!  Here’s the interview from Stagecoach:

CVC:  Welcome Aaron, How are you doing today?

AW:  I’m doing great, it’s such a pleasure to be out here in the desert, enjoying the scenery.  I love being here [at Stagecoach] with so many talented artists and performing on the Mane Stage.

CVC:  How and when did you get started in country music?

AW:   I started late in high school, early in college and I’ve always loved music in all forms, but what made me fall in love with country music was the song writing, the story telling.

I’ve been so blessed, I give all the glory to God and starting out, I had a dream to be a country artist and getting started, I had every label tell me that I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t have what it takes.  But I persevered and I worked hard and I got around the road blocks that were put in front of me.  I tell kids and fans all the time, that regardless of what your dream is, keep working hard, keep pushing through.  People are going to discourage you and say you can’t make it, but you know what, GET OVER IT, because that’s life.  The wonderful thing about this country is that we have the opportunity to better ourselves, and we have the opportunity to get out there, work hard, and prove them all wrong!

CVC:  Use that negativity as motivation?

AW:  Yes, it’s ok, to have a healthy chip on your shoulder.  Use that fuel to keep you fired up, keep you motivated.

CVC:  You have millions of fans across the globe, how have you remained relevant all these years and all these albums?

AW:  When I perform, we go harder than any pop-rock band out there.  I promise my fans that they’ll be in for a great show.  I have a lot of fun when I perform and the fans see that, and they enjoy that, they appreciate it.

CVC:  You were independent, when your album “Underdog” came out and it debuted at #1.  What was that like?  What were your emotions when you heard that?

AW: It was incredible.  I got a phone call and was told that I was the first independent, country artist, to chart an album number one.  I sat down, thanked God and thought, WOW, hard work pays off and we proved them all wrong.  It was a great moment, not just for me, but for my fans, because without their support, it wouldn’t have been possible.

CVC:  How did you make it happen? How did you do it?

AW:  I’m the most average guy out there.  There’s nothing special about me, except for my work ethic.  That’s something I try and instill in my kids and something I always talk about, when I speak to kids across the country.  You are born with certain gifts and there are things that you can’t control, but how you work with the things you can control, is what sets you apart.  You give your best when it comes to work ethic, honesty, heart, determination, and then put the rest in Gods hands.

CVC:  You’ve been grinding for years and you have a YouTube video, where you share some moments of your life, it has over 7 million views and puts major moments of your life and career, into perspective.  Now, with all of the success you’ve recently had, are you content or do you have more that you’d like to achieve?

AW:  Oh, I’m just getting started.  I’m thankful for this 4pm slot, where I’m opening up the Mane Stage at Stagecoach, but don’t think in the back of my mind I don’t want to close it down someday!  My father served our country and worked as a janitor and he would tell me, “there’s nothing more respected than hard work”.  There were times that I would go and clean toilets with my father and I learned the value of hard work.  So don’t think that I’m not grateful for where I’m at, I truly appreciate it, but I’m still hungry for more.

CVC:  Any final words for our readers?

AW:  Yeah, get out there, dream big.  This country is not perfect, but I’ve been around the world, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a greater country, and one with as many opportunities as this country.  So get out there daily and change the world for the better.  God bless you!

Aaron Watson can be seen this weekend at The Brandin Iron in San Bernardino and you can keep up with him at AaronWatson.com, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @AaronWatsonMusic



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