Route 91 Harvest Day 2: Maren Morris and Sam Hunt… Baby Makers!

We’re in Vegas so I have no problem saying that I am willing to bet that Maren Morris and Sam Hunt are responsible for helping conceive AT LEAST 100 babies… AT LEAST!

Marin Morris and her sultry voice had couples dancing, hugging, kissing , cuddling and… well, you get the idea.  When Maren took the stage, the crowd was ready to continue having fun and dance the night away, but her lyrics, her songs her presence was a complete mood changer (for the better).

Her songs began getting the crowd in “the mood” and soon everywhere I looked people were cuddled up and dancing very close and very slowly.  “Sugar,” “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry” and “I Could Use A Love Song” helped couples get a little closer to one another… then Sam Hunt took the stage and it was GAME OVER!

As soon as Sam Hunt started singing, dancing and SMILING, the crowd had succumb to the aphrodisiac that was Route 91 Day 2!  Sam Hunt captivated the audience with his unique style of music and by the time “Body Like A Backroad” was performed, I thought I was Hunter Hayes, everyone had somebody, but me.

As the night came to an end and everyone quickly headed to the exits with their partners, all I could think of was, that was some potent baby making music.  So here’s to all of the Route 91 babies that will be born in 9 months.  I believe there will be an influx of Marens, Sams, Hunters and Morris’… I’d bet on it!

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