Route 91 Harvest Day 1: What a way to Start the Harvest!!!

From Michael Ray to Drake White, from Lee Brice to “The Chief”, Eric Church, Route 91 Harvest Festival started off, what we hope to be an incredibly fun weekend of country music entertainment.

It is the first time that we have attended or covered the festival and so far, it has exceeded all of our expectations.

The venue is smaller than I expected, which allowed us to walk from one stage to the other in about 3 minutes.  The lineup overlaps artists by a mere 10 minutes, so that you are able to catch the majority of each artist’s set.

Security is everywhere! You can’t walk 10 yards without seeing a security agent, sheriff,  police officer, plain clothed police officer or firefighter.  I have never seen so many security personnel in one location and because of the size of the venue and the bright colored shirts that they are wearing, you can’t help but feel safe at the venue.

The crowd is a mix of people from around the world.  I met people from Canada, England, New York, Texas and yes, Nevada.  Everyone was friendly, cordial and willing to pose for pictures or answer a few questions.  (Knock on wood) I didn’t notice any altercations, arguments or fights.  Everyone is here to have fun!

The artists did not disappoint the fans!!!  I don’t know if the fans fed off of the artists or vice versa, but every performance that I watched, had a crowd that was loud, energetic and just wanted to have fun!  Eric Church closed the night out as only The Chief can.  He left the crowd amped up and ready to continue the party at the casino or club of their choice.  It was a stellar performance and I ca’t wait to see what Sam Hunt will bring tomorrow night!


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