Driftwood Festival Review

From its location, to the music; from the food to the craft beer, Driftwood Festival is an amazing experience that needs to be shared with friends, family and your significant other.

From the moment we arrived, the cool ocean breeze invited us to enjoy a weekend that was unlike any other we have covered.  Driftwood festival literally takes place on the beach, which allows guests to kick off their boots and feel the sand between their toes while enjoying some of the best craft beer in the region.

But the location was just the beginning of this amazing experience.  Driftwood had a row of food trucks and stands that served quality food, quickly.  Everything from burgers and hotdogs, to some mouth watering BBQ was easily accessible throughout the festival grounds.  The options available made our head spin but kept our stomachs full.

The main attraction (not performing on stage) of Driftwood was the hundreds of craft beers available on tap.  People lined up to try a sample of  some of the best beer from the region.  The lines moved quickly, as most breweries had 4 samples being served, from two sides of their canopy.  Our personal favorite was Chronic Ale from Pizza Port Brewing Company.  We stopped by several times during the weekend just to make sure it was still our favorite… it was!

Finally, the music.  It was an fantastic lineup, from up and comers Naked Walrus, to Brooke Eden, Seth Ennis, to established superstars like Big & Rich and Chase Rice.  The attendees stood in front of the stage or set blankets in the back to relax and enjoy the performances.  There was literally no bad seat in the house.

The performers did not disappoint, whether they performed with the sun still in the sky or were closing out the night, every artist was full of energy and fed off of the well lubricated crowd that sang along to every word.  Each night ended with the presentation of an autographed guitar to a military veteran who was dubbed The Hometown Hero, for his/her service to country and community.

The entire weekend was one that needs to be experience to be fully appreciated.  As an outlet we agreed that should Driftwood Fest come into your area, you should make plans to attend with your friends and significant other.

Driftwood is everything that we love about this country… food, beer, country music and the freedom to enjoy it with the people you love.

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