Festival Essentials: Coachella Valley Edition

Festival season is upon us, which in the Coachella Valley means Rhythm, Wine and Brews Festival; Coachella (Weekend 1 & 2) and Stagecoach.  The following is a list of items you must have, to thoroughly enjoy yourself at the desert’s festivals.

Water-  It is the vitally important that you hydrate here in the desert.  Even when the weather is beautiful, you still have to make sure you drink plenty of water.  When consuming alcohol, you should have one glass of water for every two drinks.  This will help keep you partying well into the night.  Most festivals allow you to bring an empty water canteen and will provide refilling stations throughout the festival grounds.

Sunscreen & Chapstick- Apply and reapply sunscreen & chapstick throughout the day.  The last thing you need is to have to deal with a terrible sunburn or chapped lips on your long drive back home.

Chair/Blanket-  Check with the festival, but a chair and/or blanket should always be an essential part of your festival “must haves”.  You can sit and relax in between artists or lay down on the blanket with your significant other, while listening to your favorite artists.

Sunglasses-  Not only to make a fashion statement, but also to avoid having to squint during daylight.

Backpack/bag-  Use this to carry water bottles, snacks, etc.  It can also be used as a pillow when laying down and gives you a place to store all the great souvenirs you’re bound to get.

Extra Battery-  Although most festivals have cell phone recharging stations, it’s always best to have your own battery supply, so you don’t have to stay in one spot.

Comfortable Shoes-  You’ll be on your feet almost the entire time, so you may want to bring comfortable walking shoes.  The wedges/heels/fancy shoes that look nice, don’t always have the best support.  Your feet will thank you for taking care of them, especially day 3 of the festival.

Friends-  No festival is complete without a great group of friends to enjoy all the festivities.  Be sure to bring your friends, every event is more fun when you have a great group to enjoy it with.


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