Route 91 Harvest Schedule Announced!!!

As the #ThreeNightNeonSleepover draws closer and closer, the anticipation for Route 91 Harvest builds towards its pinnacle.  This week the anticipation increased 10 fold, when the artist times were released.

This will be our first time attending Route 91 Harvest and so far we absolutely love it!  Purchasing tickets was very simple and efficient.  The venue seems smaller and more intimate than other festivals, which will allow fans to venture around the festival with ease.

what really caught our attention were the set times. Although the set times overlap just briefly, they will allow festival attendees to literally watch EVERY performer.  This was an exciting revelation for our staff and I, because we were worried that we would have to choose between two performers performing at the exact same time.  The coordinators of this event have definitely created a fan-friendly experience, that should be copied, by other festivals.

For more information on the festival check out and/or download the Route 91 Harvest mobil app for your phone.

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