The Road to Stagecoach: Neil Morrow brings music and his great hair to Indio

The Neil Morrow Band, a band based out of Anaheim, CA, played to an eclectic crowd, on Thursday night, at Fantasy Springs Casino‘s LIT Lounge.  The crowd was composed of country music fans looking to dance the night away and possibly win the weekly pair of Stagecoach wristbands and boxing fans, which flowed in, after watching local boxing champion Randy Caballero, win by unanimous decision, in the Fantasy Springs Event Center.

The crowd was buzzing all night and the mix of regulars and fighting enthusiasts made for a lively, entertaining audience, for the band based out of Anaheim.  The Neil Morrow Band wowed its audience with a great blend of contemporary country songs from Dierks Bentley, and Luke Bryan, to traditional country from Johnny Cash.

The night came to a close with Randy Houston, of The BIG 106 and Big John Miller, of C&D.Events, announcing the Stagecoach Music Festival wristband winner.  Another resident from Indio was the winner and the entire audience cheered, as she danced, jumped and yelled with joy.

The Neil Morrow Band continued to play for another hour as most of the crowd stuck around and danced the night away.  All in all it was a great night of music, dancing, boxing and winning.  Everything you would expect from a Las Vegas casino, but with a much shorter drive.

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