Road to Stagecoach presents Hollywood Hillbillies

The Road to Stagecoach starts at Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino’s, LIT Lounge.  This past Thursday, Lit Lounge hosted The Hollywood Hillbillies, a country cover band that brought high energy sounds and enthusiasm to an audience that came to drink, dance and win Stagecoach Festival wristbands.

The crowd danced to the sounds of the Hollywood Hillbillies and guest DJs, Big-John Miller and Randy Houston (The BIG 106).  Their music kept the crowd on the dance floor all night long and the anticipation of winning wristbands to Stagecoach Festival, kept the people coming in through the door.

After a few hours of drink specials and a constantly packed dance floor, it was finally time to raffle off the Stagecoach tickets.

The winner Brian C. of Palm Desert, was quietly excited and promised to enjoy himself at Stagecoach Festival.

The Hollywood Hillbillies performed until midnight and Randy Houston reminded everyone that there would be more chances to win Stagecoach wristbands every Thursday, until April 1, when they would have a line dance competition.

This Thursday, the band Country Nation, will be performing  at LIT Lounge, be sure to show up for a good time and another chance to win Stagecoach wristbands.



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