Our Beginning

Most country music stories start around a bon fire, drinking beers with good friends.  Our story starts around a beer pong table on an April morning, on the first day of Stagecoach 2014.

My friends Brandon DeLaCruz, Eric Negron and I were sipping on some drinks, while trash talking during a game of beer pong. At some point during the game, I mentioned that some of my students (I’m a teacher at Coachella Valley High School in Thermal, CA) had never listened to country music.  Yet, whenever I played it during class, some of the students liked the music and stories that were told by the various country music artists.  Eric, who was is also a teacher at CVHS, said he had a similar experience with his students.

Our conversation grew into an idea. We decided to start a blog, to share our stories, pictures and experiences at country music events. We wanted to share these stories with our students and our predominantly, latino community, so they too could get a better understanding of country music.

Along the way, we have discovered that there is a small, but loyal group of latinos within the Coachella Valley, that absolutely LOVE country music. Although some of our stories will have a latino perspective, we have discovered, that our experiences are similar to those of many other country music fans, from across the country.

We love country music, we love its stories and we want more people to enjoy and share in the experience.

We are having a blast writing about our adventures, we hope you will enjoy them as well.


Jesus Rosas


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