Tex-Mex Trio, The Last Bandoleros, to perform at Stagecoach

Stagecoach 2023, has set itself apart from previous Stagecoach Festivals with its incredibly diverse list of artists, from BRELAND, Trixie Mattel and our personal favorite,Valerie June. A welcome addition to this year’s festival is the Tex-Mex trio, The Last Bandoleros.

San Antonio’s native sons, The Last Bandoleros, have been earning effusive accolades for their acomplished musicianship and impressive harmonies, opening for artists such as Sting, Los Lobos and Dwight Yoakum. The trio refers to their unique new sound as “Tex-Flex”- also the name of their brand new album.

“Tex-Flex” is a is a delicious sonic “guiso” infusing elements of Bolero, Cumbia, Tejano, Bachata and Salsa into modern rock, country, and pop production. Their song, “Maldita” which begins with an alluring Spanish nylon guitar, has already received a prestigious Premio Tejano Mundial award for “Crossover Song of the Year”, while “California Moon” a haunting duet with singer/songwriter Hannah Brier, evokes an unforgettable drive down LA’s Sunset Boulevard.

Other selections from “Tex-Flex, include the effervescent “Every Time We Dance”, stunning ballad “Mi Amor”, salsa-flavored “In Between” romantic Bachata beat-driven “Fall In LoveAgain”, Tejano-flavored “Friends Zone”, and rollicking “Somewhere in Texas”- a country-fuled ode to their beloved stomping grounds complete with cumbia breakdown.

Also included in the album is a modernized Tex-Flex rendition of Eddie Cochran’s iconic “Something Else” and mesmorizing cover of Los Panchos’ heart wrenching classic, “Sin Un Amor” which wonderfully showcases The Last Bandoleros’ irresistible harmonies.

See the Last Bandoleros live now at www.The LastBandoleros.com

You can see The Last Bandoleros on Friday, April 28th at Stagecoach 2023

Write up from The Last Bandoleros (Spotify)

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